Sherwin “Maxsam” Millon

Sherwin “Maxsam” Millon

About Sherwin

EMPIRE & ACES manages and sponsors exceptional individuals in the combat arts.

Sherwin “Maxsam” Millon

What really got Max into in the world of combat were his two best friends from high school.  They always enjoyed watching action movies such as “The Expendables” and martial arts films. Max started training Thai boxing when he was 16. He started out with BJJ and boxing at first but realized he enjoyed the full contact striking better.  Not only does he enjoy kicking, punching, kneeing or throwing elbows, but he loves the beauty and the culture behind the art of 8 limbs.

What’s important to him is that he progresses every time he trains and that he gets into the ring and shows h is distinctive performance. He is hoping to eventually be able to train others.

His record is 2-2 in Muay Thai

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